Emilie Jonas Falls Nature Preserve

Total distance: 0.39 miles

Difficulty level(s): difficult

Limited shoulder parking. A short but difficult hike to an outstanding wildnerness waterfall in a Tompkins County Unique Natural Area. The Trail is very steep and the approach to the waterfall is extremely slippery, impassable in high water or wet conditions. This trail is on private land with the kind permission of three different landowners. Stay on the trail, do not cross the creek, and hike gently to preserve our right to visit this amazing place. Closed after dark and in winter.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 42.521395
Longitude: -76.502528

Parking Locations

Trail Attributes

  • Good for Hiking
  • Unique Wildlife Viewing

More Info

Part of interconnected trail system: No

Trail Surface: Earth

Trail Markers: small signs

Use of firearms for deer hunting is not allowed. Bow hunting may be allowed. BE SAFE: See the specific trail owner/steward’s website for the most up to date details

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